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Parchment Paper pressing sheets


8.5x 11 parchment paper is used with ‘Opaque’ or dark transfer papers as a pressing sheet that gives a matte finish. These papers are also used when ironing garments that have transfers on them to prevent damage to transfer or iron. They are even used to re-press nearly any type of heat applied material.

Parchment paper (also called linen paper) is used during pressing to achieve a matte finish on the finished transfer when completed. It is not printed on at all. They can be used several times (on average 4-5 times) without needing another.

Parchment t-shirt transfer paper is included with all opaque papers we sell so do not worry about having some when pressing your transfers onto your T-shirts.

Some of our customers purchase parchment paper to send along with the T-shirts sold to customers. (If a customer wanted to iron the T-shirt, it would be required to prevent the transfer from sticking to the iron!)

If you need some extra parchment paper transfer sheets for shirts give us a call.

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Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 12 in
Parchment Paper pressing sheetsParchment Paper pressing sheets