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GlitterFlex Ultra Opaque


The Glitterflex ® Rainbow Opaque films have a stunning and durable glitter finish, similar to Glitterflex ® Ultra. The NEON colors also have a color-blocking backer that minimizes shirt colors from bleeding through.

Great product discounts:

SHEETS: 20 x 12″ sheet only $7.35 each
YARDS: only $18.87 per yard (3 feet for $6.29 each sheet)
ROLL: only $75.00 (15 foot roll, 5 yards for $5.00 each sheet)

Select color and size:

  • Neon Rainbow Lavender (Opaque)
  • Neon Rainbow Jade (Opaque)
  • Opaque Rainbow White
  • Neon Opaqe Coral Pink
  • Neon Opaque Violet
  • Neon Opaque Baby Blue
  • Neon Opaque Rose
  • Neon Opaque Papaya
  • Neon Opaque Lime
  • Neon Opaque Lemon
  • Sheets
  • Yards
  • Roll
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Neon Rainbow Lavender (Opaque), Neon Rainbow Jade (Opaque), Opaque Rainbow White, Neon Opaqe Coral Pink, Neon Opaque Violet, Neon Opaque Baby Blue, Neon Opaque Rose, Neon Opaque Papaya, Neon Opaque Lime, Neon Opaque Lemon


Sheets, Yards, Roll

GlitterFlex Ultra OpaqueGlitterFlex Ultra Opaque
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