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11×17 Parchment Paper pressing sheets


11x 17 parchment paper is used with ‘Opaque’ or dark transfer papers as a pressing sheet that gives a matte finish. These papers are also used when ironing garments that have transfers on them to prevent damage to transfer or iron.

Parchment paper (also called linen paper) is used during pressing to achieve a matte finish on the finished transfer when completed. It is not printed on at all. They can be used several times (on average 4-5 times) without needing another.

Parchment t-shirt transfer paper is included with all opaque papers we sell so do not worry about having some when pressing your transfers onto your T-shirts.

Some of our customers purchase parchment paper to send along with the T-shirts sold to customers. (If a customer wanted to iron the T-shirt, it would be required to prevent the transfer from sticking to the iron!)

If you need some extra parchment paper transfer sheets for shirts give us a call.

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Weight1.8 lbs
Dimensions1 × 12 × 18 in
11×17 Parchment Paper pressing sheets11×17 Parchment Paper pressing sheets